Why Invest In Vehicle Barriers?

vehicle barrier

Do you need to increase your facility’s security from unauthorized vehicles? Vehicle barriers are an essential part of your site’s safety and security system. Vehicle barriers have been proven to significantly prevent crashes and protect employees, visitors, and buildings from security threats.

But how do you determine which barrier is best for your facility? And is it worth the investment? We’ll examine what vehicle barriers are, their benefits, and a variety of installations to safeguard your site.

What Are Vehicle Barriers?

Vehicle barriers are a means for security and safety around your site, project, or assets. Their primary purpose is to stop an unauthorized vehicle from penetrating the facility or entering unauthorized. These barriers can be passive or active. 

Passive barriers are stationary with no moving parts, like a fence or static bollard. These barriers are designed to absorb the energy from a vehicle and redistribute that energy to its foundation.

Active barriers, like a drop-arm barrier, wedge barrier, or active bollard, have moving elements that operate manually, remotely, or automatically. These barriers are designed to regulate who can enter your site and stop any unauthorized vehicles.

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The Benefits of Vehicle Barriers

By stationing vehicle barriers around your facility, it can:

  • Reduce traffic density and speeding
  • Increase safety for pedestrians or road workers
  • Require credentials for entry into the facility
  • Create a security chokepoint
  • Prevent terrorist or criminal attacks
  • Add security to your site

Many businesses and government agencies use vehicle barriers for added security, traffic control, and safety.

Different Types of Vehicle Barriers

There are several different active and passive vehicle barriers to choose from to enhance your facility’s safety and security. 


A bollard is a less obtrusive, aesthetic solution that provides substantial protection from vehicles without obstructing pedestrian traffic. Bollards are generally permanent installations made from concrete or steel for long-term durability. Bollards can be passive or active vehicle barriers to deter vehicles and create a security perimeter. 

Crash Gates

An active vehicle barrier crash gate, is a horizontal solution, which slides open for entry once vehicles are authorized. Crash gates can cover a large entry without requiring roadway modification. Crash gates are ideal for high-security sites because they can withstand a 15,000 lb vehicle attack, making them an excellent first line of defense.

Drop Arm Barriers

Drop arm barriers are an excellent security solution when a site has restrictions which will not allow disruptions to the exiting roadway.   Drop arm barrier’s foundations sit outside the roadway.  Drop arm barriers can operate using hydraulics, electromechanical, or manual operation. Customized to fit your entry and exits, drop arm barriers are an affordable solution with easy installation. These barriers can provide continuous duty operation.

Portable Barriers

For temporary projectsportable barriers can be moved with minimal effort when you need to set up additional security. Portable barriers operate manually or using hydraulics to deter vehicles. They can be installed within fifteen minutes and have long-term durability. And some portable barriers, like the JAX, are effortless and lightweight for easy transportation.

Do you need a barrier system for your facility or project? BBRSS offers the highest quality barrier systems that can be customized to meet your site’s requirements.

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Active vehicle barriers regulate vehicles for entry

Surface Mounts

Bolted firmly to the ground, surface mounts are ideal when excavation isn’t feasible. Surface mounts can operate manually or using hydraulics to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas. Schools, businesses, malls, and hotels often install surface mounts for medium to high-level protection. 

Vertical Pivot Gates

When space is limited, vertical pivot gates can regulate entry by lifting a gate arm upward. Vertical pivot gates can be custom-fit to any entry or exit and range in security from ornamental barriers to a full-size gate leaf. These gates are ideal for military, government, commercial and industrial sites. 

Wedge Barriers

Wedge barriers utilize shallow mount framework which lies flush with the ground until a barricade is needed. These barriers can be controlled with hydraulic and all electric drive systems.  The wedge can raise and lock into position to stop a 15,000 lb vehicle from entering the site. Wedge barriers are ideal for military, government, embassies, and other critical, high-security sites.

Gate Operators

While not necessarily a barrier, gate operators are essential for sliding gates. Gate operators are integrated into the sites access control system or can be controlled locally by a control panel or wireless device.  Low maintenance and reliable gate operators can handle high-density traffic into sites and can be customized for commercial or industrial facilities. 

How Vehicle Barriers Protect Your Property

Passive and active vehicle barriers create a security perimeter for your site, which can prevent and protect your facility from careless drivers, theft, and terrorist attacks. Vehicle barriers should be part of your overall security system and can be combined with smart cards, surveillance, radar, and guard booths for maximum security.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reports that vehicles barriers prevent unauthorized access by:

  • Reducing vehicle speeds
  • Preventing perimeter breaches
  • Protecting structures from damage
  • Safeguarding personnel
  • Restricting access to equipment and other high-security areas

Choosing the Right Barrier

Which vehicle barrier system is right for your facility will largely depend on your site’s physical characteristics, operational constraints, and desired level of security. You’ll want to perform a site assessment and a security assessment to identify the right vehicle barrier system. 

Different barriers have varying crash test ratings for different levels of security. For high-security sites, you’ll want to use a combination of active and passive barriers to protect your facilities.

BBRSS is the premier solutions provider of perimeter protection and managed lane products. We design, manufacture, and distribute crash-rated passive and active vehicle barriers. Our B&B ARMR division is the industry leader of crash barrier systems, providing the first line of defense for national security, economy, public health, and safety.

Our B&B Roadway provides superior managed lane barrier systems for creating a safer roadways and traffic lanes.

Aren’t sure which vehicle barriers would be right for your site? Contact BBRSS to customize a safety and security barrier system that meets your needs.

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