Access Control Points Solutions

At BBRSS, we are concerned with the physical security of your property, facility, or business and the access thereof.  Most organizations need to restrict access to certain areas within their premises or even the main entrance. An access control point is a point, in your security plan, that can stop intruders and verify people entering the premises. Specifically, the access control point is the entry/exit corridor at the perimeter of a facility.  Your first line of defense may include fenced walls or razor wires that are good at preventing the average by-passer from entering your security perimeter and funneling them to one point of access. At access gates, protective barriers are used for preventing forced entry of persons or vehicles and should always be complemented by a sort of gates.

The objectives, for an access control point, are to create better protection, the reduction in manpower,  and the increase access control without compromising security.  Every facility has unique features and requirements making customization a necessity. Our team of experts will work with you to design the perfect access control point that fits your needs.  Get started today designing or improving your access control point (800)367-0387.

Model 828
The Model 828 shown in an Access Control Point application.