Surface Mount Barriers

Surface Mount Barriers – Hidden, Yet Powerful

Physical Security Protection for Access Point Control

One of the most critical points in the physical security of a facility are access points. Points of entry or exit of a commercial building or facility. Controlling these points is termed access control.

Access control is the process of selectively restricting access to a particular location or area. Every business has a reason for controlling access, which varies across industries. How protected are your access points?

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Security gates and movable arms are what most envision control point security. There is another quite effective option.

Surface mount barriers are designed for quick installation. The product is installed on the surface on top of concrete, or other hard surface, by reinforced bolts. When lowered, authorized vehicles are allowed access by driving over. When engaged or raised, access is denied, and the barriers are crash rated.

Surface mount barriers are very easy to install and deliver a high-security vehicle access control system.   A system designed for banks, museums, city, and federal government offices, corporate buildings, factories, ports, sporting venues, military installations, and airports.  Surface mount barriers are a viable option when facilities are threatened, and excavation is not desired.  Facilities threatened by truck bomb attack, errant drivers, or car-crashing thieves.

They are designed for commercial, government facilities, and environments demanding a medium to high level of perimeter protection. BBRSS’s Model 890 is perfectly suited for commercial applications.  Commercial applications, including business parks, school campuses, shopping malls, hotels, museums, apartment complexes, and more.

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BBRSS is the industry leader in low maintenance, industry-standard compliance, and all-purpose weather operation surface mount barriers.   Contact BBRSS when your security plan calls for heightened security applications and heavy-duty crash rated systems.  BBRSS is the partner you can rely on to provide high-security solutions for your business. (800) 367-0387.

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Surface Mount Barriers

Surface mount barriers dissipate the crash energy through bolts that are secured to the existing roadway surface. These barriers are often self contained and can be located in areas where excavation is not desired.

What Are Surface Mount Barriers?

Surface mount barriers are designed for maximum security around perimeter entry areas. They are one of the most efficient tools to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry, which is an everyday threat for some organizations. Keep your business safe with the proper equipment.

The Best Surface Vehicle Barricade