Gate Operators

What is a Gate Control System?

Also commonly known as a gate operator system. This system is put into place in areas where a person or vehicle will need permission to gain access. A gate controller is made up of a gate that is connected to a drive mechanism (gate operator), a control server, local access network, or controlled locally within the gate operator and requires a PIN code, keycard or other form of authentication.  

These systems allow authorized personal access to places that they are authorized.   Electronically functioning gates, passcode keypads, and other security features ensure that only authorized people can access these areas. And once they pass through the gate, the gate automatically closes and electronically locks itself.

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What is a Gate Operator?

A gate operator is a critical piece of equipment within the gate controller system. The gate operator is the physical device that automates the gate.  These automatic operators can handle high traffic areas rather than having a human operator opening the gate, checking badges, or troubleshooting the system.

Some examples of where gate operators are used would be parking lots to an office building, access control points at military locations, data centers, refineries, power and utility facilities and other critical infrastructures.  

Gate operators come in a variety of styles and offer numerous features. Some of these features include battery backup, safety devices, custom sequencing and reporting capabilities.  

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What is a Gate Operating System Good For?

Gate operator systems are a cost-effective answer to your security needs. While the system’s upfront cost will be an investment, often, these machines are easier to manage than having a traditional gate and manual operator. 

The ease of PIN access or a scanner will allow easy access for those who need it while keeping everyone else out.   

Perfect for equipment lots, building parking, work areas that require unique training, and more. 

How do they operate?

Depending on the gate opener and system you install, there may be some slight differences. However, many of these systems work similarly.

Some of these electronic systems operate in the exact same way that a garage door works. A button is pushed from the vehicle requesting access, and the gate operator processes the signal and opens the gate. 

Others have a sensor that is part of the system that identifies approaching vehicles. The vehicle has a sensor and sends a signal to open the gate. Once the car drives through and is out of the sensor range, these gates will automatically close and wait for the next vehicle. 

Furthermore, gates that have a keypad or card access are often used for commercial settings. However, some homeowners have installed them. There will be either a PIN or a unique keycard that is coded to the gate system in either setting. An access panel will be at window level, and once the card or PIN has been entered, the gate will open, and the car can pass.

What are the available solutions? 

BBRSS offers an extensive line of hydraulic slide gate operators suitable for most applications.  The LXL Gate Operator is a robust system which can cycle gates up to 20,000 lbs.  Numerous options are available to meet local project requirements and include safety devices, traffic signal lights, remote monitoring and reporting, and battery back-up.  For cold weather locations the LXL-R utilizes a rack-and-pinion system to ensure reliable operation in snow and ice conditions.  

Whatever your application, BBRSS has the solutions to meet your project needs.  

B&B Roadway and Security Solutions can help you protect what’s important to you by helping you select the perfect gate operator for your needs. Call us today.