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B&B Roadway and Security Solutions

As the premier solutions provider of perimeter protection and managed lane products, B&B Roadway and Security Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive line of crash rated vehicle barriers and warning gates systems. The BBRSS brands include B&B ARMR and B&B Roadway.

B&B ARMR is the industry leader of crash barrier systems, to include bollards, wedge barriers, crash gates, drop arm barriers, and hydraulic slide gate operators. B&B ARMR is the first line of defense solutions for the nation’s critical infrastructures vital to our national security, economy, public health, and safety.

B&B Roadway is the market leader in the managed lane industry.  B&B Roadway provides warning gates, resistance barriers and navigational lighting solutions for moveable bridges, reversible lanes, and roadway closure systems. 


BBRSS only uses the highest quality materials to obtain the strength and endurance of our products. Every BBRSS product sets the industry standard!


BBRSS products are designed with your security and protection in mind. Every product is designed for a specific purpose and customized as needed.


BBRSS Engineers work to improve the safety and dependability of all BBRSS products. As the world changes, so do our products to meet demand!


Service that meets the high standards set by our products. If a problem arises with a BBRSS product, we are ready to help!

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