Crash Gates, What Are They?

When your facility, building, or structure, with hardened security, needs an active vehicle barrier to control the entry and exit of vehicles, a crash gate is the answer.  Crash gates can be operated manually or by and operator.  Their typical location is at the outermost level of perimeter security. BBRSS is the industry leader in crash gate design, installation, and maintenance.

There are areas that need securing and have the need to allow traffic in and out of the facility.  These access points are prime targets for nefarious intruders who aim to crash through your barrier or gate and gain entry.  The increased risk of criminal and terrorist attacks on high security facilities has increased the need for higher rated crash gates and the number of gates overall.  Strict security measures governing the safety and protection property, people, and assets, have been necessitated by government mandate for government properties and businesses looking for added risk mitigation.

Crash Gate Industry Applications:

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Data Centers
  • Defense Facilities
  • Diplomatic Missions
  • Government Buildings
  • Logistics/Transport Hubs
  • Nuclear/Energy Sites
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities

One of BBRSS’s crash gate designs is the Cantilever slide gate.  Cantilever style gates act as a good option if there is space enough allowing for horizontal movement.  The horizontal movement allows the gate to open and close without the need or ground tracks or overhead supports. Cantilever gates are supported by two or four posts installed on one side of the opening and can be manually or automatically operated.

Crash gates are an integral product for hardened security locations.  Contact BBRSS to learn more.  (800)367-0387

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Crash Gates

Crash gates and barriers provide a horizontal gate solution that does not disturb the existing road surface. These products are excellent where large clear openings need to be covered with no roadway modification.

For any area where security is their top concern, BBRSS manufacturers offer crash test gates, which are cable to withstanding up to heavy impacts. Regardless of the location, you are interested in securing; our crash gates will give you peace of mind knowing that you are fully protected by the barriers we put up.

Throughout our company history, B&B continues to provide the quality products that fulfill the stringent requirements of federal, state, local, and industrial applications. Our continuous focus is on providing these products and services that have kept the B&B trade name the industry standard.

Our company is currently offering two types of crash gates for purchase, Model 450 Cantilever Sliding Gate and Model 400 Cantilever Sliding Gate. 

Both series are built for the first line of defense for our nation’s critical infrastructures. Our crash gates present a formidable visual deterrent and maximum perimeter protection against unauthorized vehicles entering a high-security facility. The strength and durability of this Series make them highly suitable for anti-terrorist protection and traffic control applications.

Also, we feature for both Series; Cantilever design, Hydraulic, electric, and manual operation. We offer the option to customize the gate size and customizable anti-climb pickets to match existing fence lines. This is perfect for high visibility applications and provides maximum perimeter protection. 

Why Pick BBRSS?

We have experience in perimeter security and traffic control since 1925! Our customers look to BBRSS to provide vehicle barrier solutions for perimeter security and managed lane applications. 

We deliver the highest quality of crash-tested gates that are dependable and will last years to come. We focus on providing exceptional customer care to our customers, which is why we have a reputation in the industry for being highly dedicated to our customers’ needs.