Common Physical Security Threats

What are the common physical security threats?  BBRSS has many methods and products to protect your business, building, facility, or warehouse during physical security scenarios.  Understanding the nature of each allows for situational awareness and scenario specific improvements.  Security is fluid and locating areas of improvement is a continuous endeavor.

Common Physical Security Threats:


Terrorism is the most destructive physical security threat. Government entities have terrorism countermeasures in place, however, evaluating your security protocols and products in response to a terroristic scenario is vital. Do security personnel know protocol in response to a potential terrorist attack?

Natural Disasters

This type of threat is almost impossible to prepare for; however, every attempt should be made to do so.  The broad scope of natural disasters, from earthquakes and floods to wildfires, require the development of scenario specific protocols.

Theft and Burglary

Underestimating theft and burglary can significantly diminish the effectiveness of building operation and security. The significance of theft and burglary is the ability for security personnel to predict attack methods in advance.  Prediction allows for measures to be enacted and installed to limit access.  As the size of the facility or building increase so does the complexity of the issue. Taking the time to understand site specific vulnerabilities from burglars and criminals will assist in appropriate security protocols, procedures, and security product installation.


Vandalism is defined as any activity that involves the deliberate destruction, damage, or defacement of public or private property.  Vandalism is not a harmless act but a crime threatening the very fabric of your physical security. Vandalism centers around property damage but the threat can be significantly reduced with the implementation of effective perimeter physical security.  Perimeter security using natural barriers, fencing, bollards, and gates.

These are only the most common types of physical security threats.  BBRSS recommends taking the time to layer your security measures and products and including them in strategic protocols. Doing so will help provide for better overall security and will also make it harder for security measures to be bypassed by any physical security threat.  Call BBRSS for a full evaluation.

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