Wedge Barriers for Population Centers

Wedge Barriers for Population Centers

Are you an owner, operator, organizer, or security manager in charge of a population center?  An area where people gather.  Do you have a frequent nightmare of a vehicular threat scenario where a large, heavy truck is racing toward your main gate or entry point, and you have absolutely no way to stop it?  Stop it from inflicting serious damage and potentially hurting people under your care.  We have the same worries.  BBRSS saw the problem and decided to do something to solve the problem and set out to design a superior wedge barrier.

Increased Prisons and Correctional Facility Security with Wedge Barriers

The installation of wedge barriers will increase the security around a Population Center, particularly for the highly sensitive vulnerable entry and exit points, with open street access, while simultaneously decreasing threats.  These points will be protected against the unauthorized intrusion of vehicles.  BBRSS wedge barriers are vehicle crash-tested to internationally established standards and manufactured from the highest quality heavy gauge material.   The design of the entry points is unique to every prison; therefore, our wedge barriers have the installation option of a single unit or to be used in combination with other physical security products, including other barrier products, gates, and bollards.  Recent technological advancements option has allowed for a reduction in installation depth and foundation footprint, reducing installation costs substantially, allowing for their placement in areas where underground utilities limit the depth of their foundation.  Wedge Barriers have low maintenance requirements as compared to other physical security products and offer a high level of reliable operation. (800) 367-0387.

Wedge Barrier Models Available for Population Centers

Wedge barrier security applications are highly dependent upon the specifics of the Population Centers concerned and should play a major role within a physical security plan.  Some potential security applications, for wedge barriers in the population center setting, include entry points, secured entrances, parking lot entrances, entrances to loading docks, road closures, and more.  The BBRSS team of specialists is available to assist in finding the right wedge barrier. Give us a call today and protect your population center from the threat of vehicular attack. (800) 367-0387.


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