Warning Gates

B&B Roadway warning gates are designed for traffic control on movable bridges, HOV and reversible lanes. Models for moving vertically or horizontally are available to accommodate project specific requirements.

Types of Warning Gates Available

We have a variety of warning gates designed to fit your specific requirements. Our most popular vertical and horizontal options include:

1. MU-605 Vertical Warning Gate

The MU-605 is a manually-operated vertical warning gate. The gate is ideal for emergency road closures, and it works as an automatic safety gate during white-out conditions.

It is made from the highest quality ASTM-A36 steel, and it is hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.

2. VW-M3 Vertical Warning Gate

The VW-M3 is a vertical warning gate suitable for a wide range of applications. You can use this gate for traffic control, access control, and a warning where manual operation is necessary to create a barrier between two lanes.

The gate is made from heavy-duty structural steel for enhanced durability and sturdiness. It comes with sidearm channels, a cross member, bearings, and latching/locking provisions.

3. VW-2 Vertical Warning Gate

The VW-2 is another versatile vertical warning gate worth considering. The gate is ideal for various applications typical on movable bridges, reversible lanes, HOV, and other industrial access control applications. You can use it as an access control gate, a warning gate, or for traffic control.

The gate features weatherproof housing constructed using 4.8mm carbon steel for increased durability. Moreover, the exterior surface consists of aluminum paint coating for corrosion resistance.

4. VW-4 Vertical Warning Gate

The VW-4 vertical warning gate is an excellent choice for traffic control and access control of reversible lanes, movable bridges, HOV, and other similar applications. Like its predecessor, the gate comes in a weatherproof housing, and it is made from 4.8mm carbon steel. You also have the option to choose an aluminum housing instead of steel to fit your design preferences.

The gate comes equipped with a 4-sq.in a 40-inch arm, an arm base, an arm shaft, a pair of sidearm channels, and counterweights.


5. VW-5 Vertical Warning Gate

The final choice in our vertical warning gate list is the VW-5. This warning gate is suitable for traffic control and access control on moveable bridges.

To increase durability, the gate is made using 9.5mm carbon steel. Plus, the main control components, along with the operating mechanism, are safely tucked in a weatherproof housing.

The gate also comes with a wide range of components, including a torque limiter, a limit switch, an arm, arm shaft, braking mechanism, arm mounting tubes, counterweights, safety switches, hand crank, and terminal blocks.

6. HW-2 Horizontal Warning Gate

For those who prefer horizontal gates, both the HW-2 and HW-4 are great choices. The HW-2 horizontal warning gate is suitable for traffic control and access control on reversible lanes and similar applications. You can also use it for pedestrian gate operations, warning installation, parking lot access, and medium-duty traffic control.

7. HW-4 Horizontal Warning Gate

The HW-4 is another horizontal warning gate worth checking out. This gate is ideal as a regular warning gate or for traffic control and access control on reversible lanes and HOV.

It comes equipped with a heavy-duty weatherproof housing that protects the operation mechanism and other control components from damage. The gate is made from 6.4mm carbon steel for improved resilience and durability.

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