Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical Pivot Gates – A Sensible Security Solution

Vertical Pivot Gates for Space Conscious Physical Security

For years, BBRSS has been the leader in physical security products. We have focused our efforts on developing sensible and practical security products for every possible security issue.  Some security situations are unique and require a solution that is sensible and space conscious. (800) 367-0387.

Vertical Pivot Gates are a Sensible and Space Conscious Physical Security Solution

BBRSS vertical pivot gates are designed and tested to ensure compliance with our strict standards to ensure successful operation for demanding security requirements.   Whether needed for high or low-security purposes, our vertical pivot gates can withstand the most severe of operating conditions, hot or cold, while providing complementary function for physical security access systems.

BBRSS vertical pivot gates can be adapted for every situation and terrain due to our unique chassis design.  A design allowing for multiple panel types and sizes, ranging from ornamental barrier arms to full-size.  Pivot gates are fully customizable for any potential application. 

Other features of BBRSS vertical pivot gates:

  • Adjustable open / close cycles
  • Anti-Climb options
  • Battery Backup
  • Multiple Control Options
  • Crash Tested and Rated
  • American Made

The BBRSS vertical pivot gate system has fewer moving parts than standard sliding gates and quicker open and close times.  The effectiveness and efficiency of these gates allow for substantially reduced maintenance requirements resulting in lower cost of ownership.

BBRSS is the premier manufacturer of superior vertical pivot gates and subsequent operational systems.  The design of the vertical pivot gate is sensible and perfect for locations where security is important to control access for vehicles and pedestrians, but space is limited.

Learn more about our incredible Vertical Pivot Gates.

BBRSS is the industry leader in low maintenance, industry-standard compliance, and all-purpose weather operation vertical pivot gates.   Contact BBRSS when your security plan calls for enhanced security applications and heavy-duty crash rated systems.  BBRSS is the partner you can rely on to deliver high-security solutions. (800) 367-0387.

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Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical pivot gates provide a non-crash rated solution for perimeter entry points where a pedestrian fence is required yet space for a sliding gate is not available.

 Vertical pivot gates are perfect for gated communities. Our gate is uniquely designed to provide a touch of class while offering state of the art security. It is also specifically designed for areas where space limitations restrict the use of sliding or swinging gates, making it unique.

Our model features a unique design that eliminates the need for tension springs and cables, continuous-duty operation, single-phase or three-phase continuous-duty TEFC motor, positive hydraulic locking in open and closed positions, safe 24V control circuitry standard, anti-climb design and designed for simple installation and maintenance routines. 

At BBRSS, our Vertical Pivot gate is designed for high-cycle applications where continuous duty is essential. Our unique chassis design accommodates a wide range of panel types and sizes, ranging from ornamental barrier arms to full-size gate leaves. Our company can custom-fabricate any style gate arm or panel to suit any application such as military bases, government facilities, or commercial and industrial installations. Whichever style fits your needs, we are here to make sure they are fulfilled. Our Vertical Point gate system provides superior gate control in a package that allows a minimum footprint.

To simplify things for you, our gate comes with a handheld push button, fully lift for up or down, master and remote control panel, built-in 3 button controls, display screen, custom gate panels, and many more features are also available.

Why Pick BBRSS?

Experience in perimeter security and traffic control since 1925! We focus our attention on meeting our customers’ exceptional needs, which is why our customers look to BBRSS to provide vehicle barrier solutions for perimeter security and managed lane applications. 

When you need reliable gates that provide decades of worry-free service, contact us! Our company can custom engineer a vertical pivot gate that can help with the needs of your project.