Upcoming Building Assessment? Consider These Physical Security Measures

Every commercial and government building, facility, or structure should regularly undergo a complete physical security assessment.  This assessment should evaluate the complete physical security plan and all pieces involved, from the fence perimeter to crash gates and entry points. Safety is a fundamental premise of successful security planning involving design, installation, implementation, and operation.  Start by reviewing entry/exit gates.  Do you have the right products to adequately protect against a threat at your entry gate?  Does your entry gate require a crash gate, wedge barrier, surface mounts, or simple arm gates?  Each of these products are designed with a different purpose in mind and depending on your level of security requirements each may or may not be necessary.

The principal emerging viewpoint in physical security is to slowly move away from the military style protection and move towards, where appropriate, being as unobtrusive as possible, while keeping threat levels in mind.  Changes in threat level comes with increased security protocols.  In some locations, the change has resulted in security features that are increasingly camouflaged and subtly embedded within the environment.  Barriers and bollards still prevail and are becoming an accepted part of the landscape.  The biggest concern for most is providing hostile vehicle deterrents designed to stop a seven-ton truck traveling at 50 miles per hour.

Before or when the time arrives to begin assessing your physical security plan, reach out to BBRSS and let them help you in the process.  Changes and updates occur often, and we are keenly aware of when they happen. 

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