Tollway Authorities

Tollway authorities regularly deal with traffic problems due to construction or other reasons.  Traffic often has to be redirected.  The safety of construction workers, tollway employees, and drivers is imperative and obtaining the products to do so is extremely necessary.  Toll booths require different safety equipment than construction zones.  Construction zones often need navigation lights and resistance barriers, whereas toll booths need warning gates, traffic arms, and resistance barriers. Navigation lights and gates are obvious as to their need, but resistance barriers are needed for runaway vehicles and unruly drivers bent on harm.  Again, the safety and protection of all involved is imperative.

When traffic calming measures are needed, it’s important to choose the right traffic flow product option. Whether you need single direction, bi-directional or a twin lane system, our Roadway products can be customized to ensure your desired traffic management plan is enforced.  State and Federal safety and traffic requirements can be confusing. BBRSS is ready to partner with you to ensure the safety of all involved and make sure you have the right products to do so.  (800)367-0387