Surface Mount Barriers for the Government

Surface Mount Barriers for the government – Facilities, Bases, and Installations

The government Physical Security Protection for Access Point Control – Intentionally Hidden, Swift Activation

The security of a government facility is paramount, from the perimeter to the interior.  Every access point to the facility or base has mandatory protocols and needs the physical security products available and installed for every contingency.  The increase in terrorist activity and attacks is incredible, and the government is a prime target.  Every facility, building, base, and installation is a target.  Gaining access to a government facility is a terrorist’s goal.  The government building offers the opportunity to inflict maximum damage and the perfect scenario if access is attained.

The majority of government facilities have multiple access points, which are typically gates for employees and visitors.  However, every facility has at least one entry point for only authorized visitors.    

The entry points require protection from unauthorized access.  Protocols and security contingencies have been put in place for every possibility.  Access to terrorists, criminals, unauthorized personnel, or anyone looking to harm cannot happen.  All threats must be neutralized.  The priority is the protection of assets, employees, and visitors from terrorist events (bomb or ram event) and out of control vehicles.

BBRSS has designed a modern physical security solution, which is the surface mount barrier.  A surface mount barrier is perfect for government access control points when the environment is not conducive for excavation.  Wedges are often used, but surface mount barriers are an option when retrofitting, updating, or when excavation is not an option.

BBRSS has the physical security products and experienced professionals available to assist in the protection of vital government facility entry points.  Contact BBRSS today (800) 367-0387.

What are Surface Mount Barriers?

What do you think of when envisioning security access points?  Gates and movable arms?  Amazingly, there are more options available with increasingly higher crash ratings.  What if you need a product that will stop a large vehicle instantly but cannot excavate?

The product you’re looking for is a surface mount barrier.  As the name illustrates, surface mount barriers mounted on top of hard surfaces, typically concrete.  The barriers are secured in place by reinforced bolts.  

The operation of a surface mount barriers is efficient and straightforward.  Operation consists of engaging and disengaging a crash rated barrier.  Access is denied when engaged.  Whereas, disengaging the barrier allows for vehicle entry by simply driving over the barrier.

Surface mount barriers deliver a high-security access control system, which is perfect for government facility entry points.  There are continual threats from truck bomb attacks, errant drivers, or ram events, and government buildings, facilities, bases, and installations are target-rich environments.  Rapid deployment and activation are crucial and vital for success.

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Why BBRSS for Surface Mount Barriers for The governments?

In addition to providing a wide-ranging selection of crash gates, gate openers, and automatic systems, we’re a one-stop-shop for a complete variety of services. BBRSS offers full technical support before, during, and after the order has been installed. You benefit from:

  • Fast ordering and product delivery
  • Employee safety training and system commissioning
  • Live telephone support on all products

Contact BBRSS for additional information and to place your surface mount barrier order today. (800) 367-0387.

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