Surface Mount Barriers for Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Surface Mount Barriers for Prisons and Correctional Facilities – Hidden Away Until Necessary

Prisons and Correctional Facility Physical Security Protection for Access Point Control

Prisons and Correctional Facilities are responsible for the protection and safety of prisoners, guards, and visitors.  Prisons and Correctional Facilities have one main entry gate.  One entry and exit point is very efficient in controlling who comes in and who goes out.  Tight control is mandatory. 

There are multiple reasons Prisons and Correctional Facilities need extra levels of security and extreme levels of protection from unauthorized entry.  Most prisons use drop arms for access control.  However, a drop arm is not strong enough for a large truck approaching at a high rate of speed — a truck on a mission to ram the gate to gain entry.  Stopping the intruder requires a physical security product that is crash rated and highly effective.  Security must not be taken lightly, and every measure must be considered for every possibility.  Forced intrusions, into Prisons and Correctional Facilities, must be stopped instantly.

For most prisons and correction facilities, excavation is not a viable option.  The installation of a high crash rated vehicle entry prevention barrier is necessary without excavating the location.  The solution is the BBRSS designed modern physical security product, surface mount barriers, which is ideal for prison entry control. 

BBRSS has the products and professionals who can help in the protection of critical prisons and correctional facility access points.  Call today (800) 367-0387.

Prisons and Correctional Facility Physical Security – Old vs. New

Some modern Prisons and Correctional Facilities are being constructed across the country.  Modern prisons are introducing physical and perimeter security at the design stage and making it a priority.   Older Prisons and Correctional Facilities, unfortunately, require retrofitting for protection.

What are Surface Mount Barriers?

Surface mount barriers are quicker to install than other physical security products because excavation is not needed.  Surface mount barriers are mounted on hard surfaces, typically concrete.  During installation, the barriers are secured in place by reinforced bolts.  

How do surface mount barriers operate?  Operation involves the engaging and disengaging of a crash rated barrier.  Access is denied when engaged, while disengaging allows for vehicle entry by simply driving over the barrier.

Surface mount barriers are very easy to install and deliver a high-security vehicle access control system, which is perfect for Prisons and Correctional facility access points.  There are continual threats from truck bomb attacks, errant drivers, or car-crashing thieves, and Prisons and Correctional Facilities are target-rich environments.  The safety secret is rapid deployment.

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Why BBRSS for Surface Mount Barriers for Prisons and Correctional Facilities?

In addition to providing an extensive selection of crash gates, gate openers, and automatic systems, we’re a one-stop-shop for a complete range of services. BBRSS offers full technical support before, during, and after the order has been installed. You benefit from:

  • Fast ordering and product delivery
  • Employee safety training and system commissioning
  • Live telephone support on all products

Get in touch with us for additional information and to place your surface mount barrier order today. (800) 367-0387.

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