Surface Mount Barriers for Data Centers

Surface Mount Barriers for Data Centers – Concealed Until Needed

Data Center Physical Security Protection for Vehicle Access Point Control

Sadly, the world has seen an increase in violence and criminality targeting commercial facilities with valuable assets.  Data Centers are considered a precious criminal target.  Most Data Center access points are doors where customers and visitors can enter and exit.  However, every data center has at least one access point for only authorized vehicular entry. 

These points require protection from unauthorized entry.  Every probability and prevention measure must be considered to prevent the access of criminals, unauthorized personnel, or anyone looking to harm.  The main priority is the protection of the Data Center from criminal intrusions and out of control vehicles.

The access point may be an area where excavation to install a barrier is not an option. BBRSS has designed a modern physical security product, surface mount barriers, optimal for Data Center access point control. 

BBRSS has the products and specialists who can assist in the protection of critical Data Center access points.  Call today (800) 367-0387.

Data Center Physical Security – Old vs. New

New Data Centers are being built around the country.  The modern data centers are now introducing physical and perimeter security during design initiation and making it a priority.   Older Data Centers must retrofit for protection.

What are Surface Mount Barriers?

Security teams given the task of developing and implementing control point security often visualize security gates and movable arms.  However, other options are available, even if excavation is off-limits.

Surface mount barriers are designed for quick installation.  As the name illustrates, surface mount barriers are mounted on top of hard surfaces, which is concrete the majority of the time.  During installation, the barriers are secured in place by reinforced bolts.  

How do surface mount barriers operate?  Operation consists of engaging and disengaging a crash rated barrier.  Access is denied when engaged.  Whereas, disengaging the barrier allows for vehicle entry by simply driving over the barrier.

Surface mount barriers are very easy to install and deliver a high-security vehicle access control system, which is perfect for Data Center access points.  There are continual threats from truck bomb attacks, errant drivers, or car-crashing thieves, and Data Centers are target-rich environments.  The safety secret is rapid deployment.

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Why BBRSS for Surface Mount Barriers for Data Centers?

In addition to providing an extensive selection of crash gates, gate openers, and automatic systems, we’re a one-stop-shop for a complete range of services. BBRSS offers full technical support before, during, and after the order has been installed. You benefit from:

  • Fast ordering and product delivery
  • Employee safety training and system commissioning
  • Live telephone support on all products

Get in touch with us for additional information and to place your surface mount barrier order today. (800) 367-0387.

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