Surface Mount Barriers Boston

Surface Mount Barriers Designed for Boston Commercial Properties

Boston Commercial Facility Entry Point Control and Physical Security Protection

Protecting Your Boston Area Commercial Property from the Ground Up!

The Boston skyline lays out the grand beauty of the plethora of buildings, commercial warehouses, government facilities, and more.  If you are lucky enough to own or find yourself responsible for the security of one or more of Boston based businesses or commercial facilities, then you know the extreme importance of a strategically safe physical security plan.  Make sure your commercial property access points correctly and adequately protected.  Access points (entry/exit points) are the points where both visitors and employees are requesting access.  Properly controlled access is the first line of defense against unauthorized entry and threats.

What is your Boston based facility’s reason for limiting access? How secure are your access points?

The physical security protection, of your Boston building or corporate campus, is just as crucial to BBRSS.  Our team is available to evaluate your physical security plan and products and provide a complete assessment, making sure it takes all Boston threat scenarios into consideration.  Call today. (800)367-0387

Security gates, wedge barriers, and movable arms are very typical physical safety products for control point security.  What do you use when higher-level protection is required, for your Boston commercial facility, yet, excavation is out of the question? 

The Optimal Solution for Unique Boston Area Physical Security Situations

The optimal solution would be a surface mount barrier.  Surface mount barriers were developed for uncomplicated installation, mainly where excavation is not an option.   Reinforced bolts securely mount the unit on any hard surface, typically concrete in Boston.  The operation is simple.  In the down position, authorized vehicles are allowed access by driving over the barrier.  In the up or activated position, access is denied.

Threats such as a truck bomb attack, errant drivers, or car-crashing thieves are possibilities in Boston.  Surface mount barriers provide a high-security vehicle access control system for banks, museums, city, and federal government offices, corporate buildings, factories, ports, sporting venues, military installations, and airports.  Boston is blessed with many examples of each. 

Design and Applications of Boston Based Surface Mount Barriers

Surface mount barriers were specifically developed for commercial, government facilities, and environments commanding a medium to high level of perimeter protection. BBRSS’s Model 890 is entirely suited for commercial applications.  Commercial applications, including business parks, school campuses, shopping malls, hotels, museums, apartment complexes, and more.

Learn more about our fantastic Surface Mount Barrier Model 890.

BBRSS is the industry leader in Boston, for low maintenance, industry-standard compliance, and all-purpose weather operation surface mount barriers.   Contact BBRSS when your security plan requires heightened security applications and heavy-duty crash rated systems.  BBRSS is the partner you can rely on to provide high-security solutions for your Boston business. (800)367-0387

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