Security Integrators

A security integrator by definition is tasked to integrate all sections of the security apparatus for commercial buildings, facilities, and structures. One section of said security apparatus is the exterior physical security.  These are the gates at entry points, barriers, and bollards to separate pedestrians from vehicles.  Some facilities require more robust security like the all-important wedge barrier that is designed to stop a multi-ton vehicle from breaching the perimeter.

The most skilled security integrator is a full-service provider capable of supporting operations in every phase of the security system lifecycle:

  • Security risk or needs assessments,
  • System engineering and design for the major technologies,
  • Broad access to the leading product lines,
  • Custom engineering when required,
  • Alternate investment options,
  • Procurement, staging, installation, commissioning and training,
  • Full lifecycle service and maintenance,
  • System functional and technology upgrades.

All of this is for not if the system integrator does not have the partners in place that provide support and service as needed. BBRSS is a system integrator’s best friend, from design and installation to support and service. We have your back and are available when you need us.  The main objective of physical security, designed by ARMR a division of BBRSS, is to protect the assets and facilities of the organization.  The physical security of your commercial buildings depends on it.  Call today to establish a partnership with the best physical security solution company in the world, BBRSS.  (800)367-0387