Everything You Need To Know About Security Barriers

Security barrier systems are a booming global industry.

The global security barrier system market is currently worth about $7.8 billion. But it will be worth almost $12 billion by 2030

So, what should you and your business know about crash security barriers?

They are a very good security deterrent against crime. Security barriers allow you to control the movements of consumers strategically. And when you pair security barriers with video cameras, you can augment your security protocols significantly.

However, not every security barrier system is made alike. Here is what you must know about security barriers.

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Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fences are a prevalent choice for a good reason.

First, they are highly durable — much more than a chain-link fence. The strength and durability of ornamental fencing make them an excellent choice for any area that needs protection, whether for your backyard or the entry point of a commercial property.

Other than their strength, ornamental fences offer a classic, timeless look that goes great with the style of any home, business, or property. In addition, they are highly customizable with wrought iron additions; you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for security.

Ornamental fences are also basically maintenance-free — the galvanized metal prevents rust, ensuring the coating doesn’t flake or peel. So while it may fade over time, maintenance is virtually a non-factor for ornamental fencing.

Finally, ornamental fencing is essentially pest-proof — unlike wooden fences, termites, bugs, and other pests are non-problems. As a result, this fencing will last much longer than wood, chain link, and other popular building materials.


Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, including ornamental fencing. While they are durable and provide excellent security, they can be lacking in privacy. The open concept of most ornamental fences is its most significant drawback; the large gaps make it easy for people to look in.


Security bollards in front of a loading dock

Bollards are extensively used in the U.K. and are becoming an increasingly popular security barrier option in the United States.

Bollards are a sturdy and usually short kind of vertical post. You may see them in parking lots near the entrance of malls and supermarkets.

A single or even multiple rows of bollards can be used to protect storefronts and people. 

The bollard is not a new invention either. They are almost two centuries old. Legend has it that 17th and 18th-century cannons that were retired from use were buried into the ground muzzle first, so its rear-projected out of the ground. 

They were planted onto shorelines as directional markers for ships and to keep them from running aground.

The point is that the bollard has evolved for centuries as a security device and may prove helpful in your security needs.

Here are several ways you can use bollards.

Security Bollards

Security bollards are sturdy and are installed so as to be able to stop vehicle incursions. Security bollards can prevent criminals from smashing into a business’ storefront to commit “smash and grab” robberies. 

Smash and grab robberies are planned robberies where one or dozens of thieves rob a store of as many goods as possible quickly and without hurting staff.

Pedestrian Walking Guides

Pedestrian bollard guides are used to direct pedestrians to walk in designated lanes, keep them away from cars and traffic, or always direct customers to walk in the view of security cameras.

Crash Safety Bollards

Believe it or not, car crashes into buildings occur at alarming rates. The phenomenon is called Vehicle Into Building Crashes, or VIBCs.

Over 60 cars crash into buildings every day in the United States. And these VIBCs cause at least 500 deaths and 4,000 injuries every year. And VIBCs cause incalculable amounts of damage to businesses every year as well.

Over 87% of VIBCs happen at restaurants, retail businesses, and various other kinds of commercial businesses. 

After 9/11, most people would assume VIBCs resulted from potential terrorist assaults. However, aside from smash and grab tactics, most VIBCs are caused by drunk and reckless drivers catastrophically plowing into business storefronts.

Your business could be one VIBC away from starting over completely or falling into bankruptcy and unmanageable debt.

Asset Security and Protection

You can strategically place bollards around ATMs, outdoor electrical systems, refrigeration units, water and gas meters, and any other business asset you want to protect from vehicles and traffic.

Bollard Drawbacks

Drawbacks are a great security measure but are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Bollards can take up space on sidewalks. Sometimes, consumers are confused by them, and they walk around the wrong way or disregard them.

Bollards are designed to separate vehicle traffic and parking cars from consumer foot traffic. But they mistakenly slow usual foot traffic into your business if confused customers walk different or longer paths to your business. 

Barrier Gates

A barrier gate protecting access to a building

A barrier gate is a reinforced post or column that controls and limits vehicle access into the parking lot of a business. 

If you have ever put money or a ticket into a barrier gate to get your parking validated, then you probably use one often.

A barrier gate has a horizontal gate attached to the post, which lowers to bar traffic and lifts, allowing them entry.

Barrier gates are designed to keep drivers inside their cars as they enter your business. Enhance your barrier gate security by adding a security camera, and your business can record everyone in a vehicle that enters and leaves the premises. 

Barrier gates also create a corridor for pedestrians to enter, leave, and be recorded on video as well.


Barrier gates that can slow down or stop a vehicle are heavy and expensive.

Barrier gates require electricity to function. So, you need to keep them well-maintained to keep them functional. If your barrier gate malfunctions or break down, and you don’t have a backup entrance/exit, it could keep consumers in and block others out. 

Make sure that you consider every option before choosing a security barrier system for your business. 

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