Saudi Arabia Facility Protection

Saudi Arabia Facility Protection

Provide the Best Facility Protection Possible for Your Saudi Arabia Commercial Property

What is the number one purpose of physical security and protecting a facility in Saudi Arabia?  Are the facility protection needs in Saudi Arabia different than other countries?  The threats to Saudi Arabia’s commercial facilities are different in frequency but similar in type.  For example, the recent oil field attacks heightened and renewed the awareness that threats are real.

Threats are both air and ground-based.  For BBRSS, we focus on ground-based threats that endanger the lives of all persons within a commercial facility.  Saudi Arabian security departments need to take the overall view of their protection plan for their facility and the level of protection it provides.  Terrorist threats are real but theft and criminal activity remain requiring increased protection and warnings.  Any delay in improvements to the perimeter of the facility is no longer acceptable.  Deliberate action is a necessity.  Do not leave your Saudi Arabian commercial facility vulnerable and the people inside exposed.  Call BBRSS for a full evaluation today. (800) 367-0387.

Ground-based attacks are typically vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed.  Some are equipped with explosive devices.  Is your facility ready?  Is your facility protected from a criminal event?  To counter the rise in threats and risk potential and maintain relative safety, for Saudi Arabia properties and facilities, security departments continually upgrade their physical security.  Saudi Arabia businesses, building owners, and building security managers are turning to BBRSS for their physical security products and expertise to increase their facility protection. (800) 367-0387.

In a recent article from the New York Times (2019) “Despite the security spending of the last decade, rapid changes in technology may mean that the Saudi infrastructure is more exposed than previously thought…”  Additionally, Saudi Arabia is the home to many Muslim holy sites with a large number of annual visitors and travelers, which increases opportunities for the hospitality and construction industries. These factors will drive demand for facility protection and the need to ensure everyone is protected.


What is Physical Security in Saudi Arabia?

Physical security is best described as security measures purposefully designed and applied to prevent unauthorized access to facilities, equipment, and resources while protecting personnel and property from damage or harm. 

What is Saudi Arabia Facility Protection?

Saudi Arabian facility protection is a comprehensive installation, improvement, and maintenance to the protection of a commercial facility, building, or structure.   Every facility has unique distinctive features that require careful consideration, such as government facilities, office parks, arenas, stadiums, etc.  Saudi Arabian landscape and environment adds a layer of security considerations that set it apart from other international countries.

Facility Protection Considerations for Saudi Arabian Commercial Complexes

When designing and implementing a facility protection plan, understanding threat vectors, vulnerabilities, and mitigation plans will lay a solid foundation.  During construction, a building can be designed for security by planning and limiting the number and location of entrances and by careful attention to exits, traffic patterns, and loading docks.

·        Intelligence: Understand and identify the threats to the area, building, and people in it.

·        People and Training: Guards and officers serve as the frontline, and training in security protocols as well as identifying suspicious behavior is extremely important.  Training should include the operation of specific physical security products installed.

·        Processes and Protocols:  When new threats emerge, procedures and protocols must be tailored to ensure security layers are properly deployed throughout a venue.

·        Technology: New technologies can provide threat prevention beyond the capabilities of guards to significantly improve security operations.

·        Products: Security products need to be chosen for a specific function.  Products such as bollards, crash gates, and multiple types of barriers are designed to prevent access by unauthorized individuals while protecting personnel, visitors, and assets.

After examining the threats and other considerations, the Saudi Arabia Facility Protection process becomes an installation process.  Examine your plan. Consider Scenarios.  Implement and Install proper physical security products.  Consult with BBRSS experts to determine the best product for the function decided. Install.  Maintain and Service as Needed.  The facility protection for your Saudi Arabia facility is not something to be taken lightly.  Improve your physical security plan today with products from BBRSS designed for stability, quality installation, and industry best and leading service and support.

To get started, contact BBRSS at (800) 367-0387. or complete our easy contact form.



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