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Portable Barriers for San Jose

Temporary Physical Security Barrier Options for San Jose Businesses

San Jose has the perfect climate and is astonishingly beautiful.  If you’re a San Jose area commercial building or facility owner, security director, or facility director, physical security, both permanent and temporary, is friendly territory.  You’re comfortable with physical security products and their intended use for protecting employees and visitors while securing valuable assets.  San Jose has unique industry-specific security requirements.  Do you know the security products available to provide the desired level of protection, particularly when temporary security situations arise?

What makes San Jose unique?  Local industries and attractions such as technology companies, San Jose International Airport, and sandy beaches.  These locations, combined with population growth and heightened security levels, have compelled security personnel to be prepared for any security situation, even short-term.

Temporary security solutions consist of the application of highly visible portable barriers.  Temporary solutions may include maintenance and access control and special events.  Marathons, parades, and concerts, to name a few.  Big events such as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, 4th of July Parade, and many festivals requiring temporary barriers to be installed for crowd and traffic control.

When the circumstance arises for temporary security protocols, San Jose security personnel require temporary barriers they can rely on. 

Barrier Products Designed with San Jose Industries in Mind

BBRSS designed its line of portable barriers to be flexible, portable, and reliable.  The perfect temporary security solution for every San Jose industry.  Our portable barriers provide security protection when the situation requires temporary access control and quick deployment.  The product can be used on existing asphalt or concrete roads, compacted and level soils, and other hard surfaces.

Excavation, or sub-surface preparation, is not a precondition, for your San Jose property.  Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of BBRSS portable barriers, for visibility and durability.  Our barriers have been used in security and traffic control situations around the world and currently in many places in San Jose. 

Get your portable barriers from the physical security industry-renowned experts at BBRSS.  Contact us today at (800) 367-0387.

Types of Portable Barriers Available for San Jose Customers

The portable barriers manufactured by BBRSS include: 

Portable Barrier Function and Operation – San Jose

Portable barriers, for San Jose customers, are portable and can be placed as needed.  Portable security barriers are ideal for practical use at concerts, events, amusement parks, or anywhere large crowds and safety are a priority. 

See the full line of BBRSS Portable Barriers (click here).

The BBRSS team of experts can assist in securing portable barriers for your physical security requirements.  Give us a call today and protect your San Jose business and facility at a moment’s notice. (800) 367-0387.


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