San Jose Facility Protection

Facility Protection San Jose

How is your San Jose building, facility, or structure protected from terrorist attacks, criminal activity, or accidents?  Do you have a plan in place to react accordingly to every possible situation and scenario?

Protecting the safety and security of personnel, visitors, and assets is foundation of sound facility protection plan through layered perimeter physical security.  The environment provides some natural protection in San Jose, but other products must be implemented as part of a coordinated effort.  Facility protection is only as effective as the weakest link. Deploying one security product that is not designed for the function can be killer to even the most up-to-date facility protection plan. BBRSS has experience in providing products and expertise for most possible situations.  You can count on BBRSS! (800)367-0387

What is San Jose Facility Protection?

Facility protection, for San Jose, is the complete development of a plan comprised of personnel and physical security to install and maintain protection for a facility, building, or structure.  Facility protection is multidimensional, detailed, and specific to the building, facility, structure, park, arena, stadium, etc. it is meant to protect.  San Jose is inclined to add additional layers of unique security considerations not required by other large metropolitan areas.

Facility Protection Considerations and Areas of Examination

Do not take any part of your Facility Protection plan lightly.  Examine every part thoroughly.  Here are the areas to think about with your San Jose Facility Protection:

  • Threat Recognition
  • Systems to Detect Threats
  • Products for Every Security Function
  • Suspicious Activity Deterrence
  • Procedures and Protocols
  • Threat Pattern Analysis

Every San Jose facility, asset, organization, and industry have different and unique security requirements. Whatever those requirements might be, remember what the ultimate goal of facility protection and your perimeter physical security is.  Companies and facilities need to feel confident that the facility protection plan is sound and reliable.  Will the plan in place react the way designed?  BBRSS can assist in making sure by providing maintenance and service on a regular basis.  Are you interested in what BBRSS has to offer your security team?

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