San Jose Crash Gates

Crash Gates San Jose

At one time or another, we have all pulled up to a closed gate, at a San Jose highly secure property, restricting access.  We had to show a form of id to a camera, speak to a person through a microphone, or gain access by a key card or key code. The gate is very effective for the function of restricting access.  However, the same gate may be required to restrict the access of high-speed impact with a car or truck trying to force its way into the facility.  The act of intentionally colliding with a gate or other barrier for the intent of unauthorized forceful entry is known as a ram-raid.  Securing  your San Jose property from the risk of ram raids by installing a hostile vehicle mitigation system, which includes a crash gate at some entry points, that is tested and rated to withstand the impact and immobilize a hostile vehicle. Where do you find a crash gate? Who installs the crash gate once it is purchased?  BBRSS has you covered for both questions and more.  BBRSS provides physical security products, including crash gates, for facilities, buildings, commercial complexes, government facilities, airports, and more all over the San Jose area.  (800)367-0387

San Jose Crash Gates – Crash Rating Excellence

As San Jose security teams review their concentric layered physical security plan, often vulnerable access points are protected by moving gates either motorized or manual.  It is extremely important these gates are crash rated, as mentioned previously.  If the gate is worn, it is time to replace it with a state-of-the-art crash gate from BBRSS. Our crash gates are rated to withstand an impact with a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph. In tests, every vehicle was stopped at impact and the gate showed little damage.  On the other hand, San Jose is a very nice city and maintaining a pleasing aesthetic appearance is important for commercial properties.  BBRSS understands and has a crash gate that will fit perfectly with your landscape and architecture.  Call and one of our team members will review your needs and propose the right crash gate for your specific needs.  (800)367-0387

Crash Gates San Jose – Integrity and Reliability

Founded on integrity and reliability, BBRSS has supplied the highest quality crash gates for many San Jose commercial properties, while providing unmatched experience and dedication to address physical safety.  We brought together the best engineers to build a team to listen to security personnel and design products to fit those needs.  We pride ourselves as being the best in the industry and continue to design crash gates and other physical security products unmatched and provide a viable solution for restricted area protective access. 

Call BBRSS today or complete our easy online form.  One of our experienced San Jose crash gate experts will reach back out to you to help with any questions you may have and provide valuable information.  (800)367-0387

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