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San Jose is a beautiful area of California with many roads and a lot of cars and trucks.  The risk of a vehicular incident with a building or other structure increase considerably according to the amount of traffic surrounding the structure.  Buildings, to protect themselves, are finding that installing bollards is an integral part of their physical security plan.  Many locations around San Jose have already installed bollards such as California’s Great American Amusement Park, NASA Ames Exploration Center, and Google.  The bollards at these highly secure with a high volume of traffic, bollards are not hard to miss.  Other buildings, structures, parks, etc. across San Jose are also learning of the added benefit provided by bollards such as the protection against terrorist and criminal activity.  Bollards San Jose.  What do you imagine of when you hear the word Bollard?  For many, the image of a pipe protruding out of the ground is common.  Essentially, that description is not far from the truth.  Bollards are naturally constructed of standard silver steel-piping extending up out of the ground and reinforced with several feet of concrete underground.  This simple design is used for many physical security scenarios and situations.

San Jose Bollards – Design and Installation

Bollards are categorized according to their tested collision rating, either high speed or low speed.  High speed bollards are often utilized for protection for vulnerable areas with the tendency for a vehicle intrusion or incident.  The common scenario necessitates the vehicle to be forcibly stopped.  Therefore, the bollards involved must survive a collision with a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed at a specific weight.  Low speed bollards are designed for low speed vehicle interactions typically experienced in traffic control, parking garages, asset protection, and pedestrian protection situations. There are many areas across San Jose that both types of bollards can be employed easily with a little strategic planning.

There are more than crash ratings to considered when designing and installing bollards. BBRSS has discovered the following items are essential for any decision and security plan involving bollards:

  • Budget
  • Primary Function
  • Materials beyond Steel and Concrete to be used
  • Special Requirements: removable, retractable, or permanent
  • Environment
  • Rating

BBRSS is the industry leader with the highest level of experience in all types of bollard situations and scenarios and understands the exact bollard that is recommended.

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If you contact us at (800)367-0387 or fill out our quick and easy contact form, one of our San Jose professionals can help you in determining which bollard design is right for your physical security needs. Call today and make sure you are installing the right bollard.

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