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You’re have just been tasked with designing or updating the physical security plan for your San Francisco building, facility, airport, warehouse, , or government building.  One of the unique situations you must consider, in the plan, is an automobile or truck traveling at a high rate of speed in direct aim at a vulnerable area.  What technique have you installed to stop the vehicle before it can do cause damage?  In San Francisco, office buildings, facilities, and government buildings have realized personally the benefits of first line of defense by bollards. If you observe carefully at the entrance to Oracle Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants, you will observe the strategic placement of bollards designed to keep vehicles from approaching the entrance and keeping pedestrians and vehicles separated. Bollards cover the grounds of the baseball stadium providing protection and traffic direction.  Across San Francisco, bollards of many different designs, types, and sizes are busy protecting people and directing traffic.  Any potential situation envisioned, a security planner assisted by an expert company, such as BBRSS, will have already considered and enacted a dependable response guaranteeing the protection of both employees and customers. (800)367-0387

Design and Installation of San Francisco Bollards

Bollards, what are they? A bollard is defined as a pillar or post, typically comprised of a metal pipe anchored in concrete and then reinforced additional concrete, located at building corners, loading docks, entrances, and other vital assets to protect against cars or trucks. Bollards may be natural color, painted, or covered with plastic bollard covers. As vehicles gain in both weight and power, it has required bollard installers and designers to adapt accordingly to meet the increased security risks.  Bollards can be grouped by their crash rating.  Some Bollards are designed to be flexible and with a low crash rating.  These are low speed bollards.  High crash rated bollards, or high-speed bollards, are designed to protect buildings and pedestrian zones by slowing or stopping a vehicle immediately causing substantial damage.  

Bollards Functions in San Francisco

Bollards are generally installed with one or more functions as prescribed by the existing physical security plan.

  • Ram-Raid Applications
  • Terrorist Prevention
  • Traffic Control
  • Construction
  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Vulnerable Building Component Protection
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Asset Protection

BBRSS is very prepared to assist your team in making bollards an integral part of your physical security plan and guaranteeing the right bollards for every scenario and function are installed, as the industry leader in bollard design, installation, and maintenance.  Have you thought about the other particulars of the bollard decision, for your San Francisco building?

  • Environment
  • Rating
  • Budget
  • Materials beyond Steel and Concrete to be used
  • Special Requirements: removable, retractable, or permanent

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If you contact us at (800)367-0387 or fill out our quick and easy contact form, one of our San Francisco professionals can help you in determining which bollard design is right for your physical security needs. Call today and make sure you are installing the right bollard.

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