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Bollards San Diego

If you take a walk or drive across the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge or take a tour of the California Tower, you will be able to observe bollards in action. Both of these famous San Diego landmarks are extremely visible examples of bollards in action as part of a physical security plan. Other buildings, structures, parks, etc. across San Diego have become exceedingly aware to the need to include bollards in their physical security plan, to help protect against terrorist and criminal activity.  Bollards San Diego.  When one imagines a bollard, often they imagine a standard silver steel-pipe extending up out of the ground and reinforced with several feet of concrete in the ground. This is surprisingly the basic definition of a bollard which is used for many physical security scenarios and situations.

San Diego Bollards – Design and Installation

Bollards are named and defined by collision ratings, high speed or low speed.  High speed bollards are most frequently used for the vulnerable area protection with the high likelihood of a vehicle intrusion or incident where a vehicle must be forcibly stopped.  The bollards must survive a collision with a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.  Low speed bollards are design for low speed vehicle interactions such as traffic control, parking garages, asset protection, and pedestrian area delineation. There are many areas across San Diego that both types of bollards can be employed simply with simple planning.

Crash rating is just one area that should be considered during the designing and installing bollards. BBRSS has found the following items should be part of any decision and security plan where bollards are involved:

  • Budget
  • Primary Function
  • Materials beyond Steel and Concrete to be used
  • Special Requirements: removable, retractable, or permanent
  • Environment
  • Rating

BBRSS has high experience in all types of bollard situations and scenarios and understands the exact bollard that is recommended.

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