Rail, or Railroads, have security vulnerabilities similar to airports as far as facilities are concerned.  Where rail begins to diverge, and security concerns increase is the vulnerability associated with thousands of miles of railroad tracks. The tracks themselves are protected for the most part.  The problem arises with crossings and rail traffic convergence points.  Every crossing, track convergence point, and rail facility must be evaluated, and physical security products installed as necessary.  Crossings need warning gates and possibly bollards, whereas facilities might need barriers, bollards, and crash gates.

The threat from terrorism and unsavory characters is definitely high on the list.  However, the protection of passengers and employees is of utmost importance.  BBRSS ARMR products can be used to separate passengers from the trains in most areas in and around the station.  Passengers have an inherent risk due to their proximity to the tracks and the propensity for accidents. There needs to be a balance between accessibility and safety. Choosing the right physical security products can make all the difference and significantly decrease the chances of an accident occurring.  Other physical security products are needed to protect the train stations from vehicular intrusions. This perimeter control can be obtained through the installation of such products as bollards and wedges.

The overarching objective of physical security for railroads, designed by ARMR a division of BBRSS, is to protect the assets and facilities of the organization and accident prevention. BBRSS provides complete physical security rail solutions to protect numerous Railroad facilities.  Call to today to find out more (800)367-0387.