Model SBP


The B&B ARMR Model SBP is a crash certified, bolt down platform system that provides a crash rated structure for decorative planter barriers, benches, bicycle racks and other street furniture. The Model SBP provides maximum project flexibility with a low-cost, high protection system availa-ble in a variety of configurations and finishes. Certified to ASTM 3016 the Model SBP successfully stopped a 5,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 20 mph with only 1/2-inch of dynamic penetration. Certified as a single platform allows for flexible center spacing between structures. The Model SBP platforms are ideal for perimeter security applications requiring maximum protection while allowing unrestricted pedestrian flow. The Model SBP is designed for ease of installation. Designed to be bolted down to an existing concrete surface, installation time and costs are significantly reduced. All BBRSS equipment is backed by a full team of engineers and technical staff to help you with selection, design, installation, & maintenance. Please contact us for additional information. BBRSS warranty covers the barrier and BBRSS supplied equipment against defective material and components for one year from date of shipment from the manufacturer. BBRSS maintains an in-ventory of replacement parts for a minimum of 10 years. Replacement parts for most components are typically available in one working day. Extended Warranty packages, installation and support options are available.



The Model SBP series is the ideal solution for storefronts, city centers, malls, hospitals, college, schoolsand numerous applications that require protection to both property and personnel from vehicle threats. Engineered solutions are available. Contact BBRSS for additional information.


ASTM 3016M-19 Certified S20-P1

  • 5,014 lbs @ 20 mph, with 1/2

Single system certified

  • Flexible spacing for to meet ADA requirements

Bolt down design

  • Reduced installation time and installation cost


  • Height: 29.25-inches
  • Width: 47.24-inches
  • Depth:10-inch foundation
  • Concrete: 3,500 psi
  • Spacing: User defined
  • Finish: Primer (standard), Galvanized (option)
  • Covering:Customized to meet your requirements