Model B30 Certified


B&B ARMR’s Model B-30 High Security Vehicle Access Control Bollard Systems are expertly and aesthetically designed to act as a vehicular deterrent for perimeter security and traffic control purposes. Engineered for simple installation, fast service and easy relocation, the Model B-30 is constructed of high strength steel cylindrical units encased in movable bollard tubes guided by an offset flange assembly with precision molded anti-friction surfaces. All subterranean components including the foundation is coated to prevent corrosion.

DOS Certified K8 rating 15,000 lbs @ 40 mph (6,803.9 kg @ 64.4 km/hr) (automatic and semi-automatic).  The automatic (hydraulic) operation of the bollard system is ideal for areas requiring continual operation and access. Semi-automatic bollards are ideal for locations where power is either unavailable or not practical to provide.

Model B-30 features three operation modes further allowing tailored control solutions for any type of facility or environment. Automatic (hydraulic and pneumatic) operation of the bollard system requires minimal surveillance and is ideal for areas requiring continual operation and access. Manual bollards are best suited for facilities requiring a higher level of security where constant guard is kept and removable bollards are typically used as temporary traffic diversions.

Arranged independently or engineered to work as a set, the Model B-30 Bollard System incorporates dual speeds for normal operation (4-5 seconds) and emergency fast operation (2-3 seconds) for when immediate deterrence is required. The bollards also feature three operating methods including card reader activation, push button and vehicle detector to suit the entry/exit characteristics of any operation.

This bollard system allows government facilities, military installations, industrial and petrochemical facilities take the necessary steps to protect both property and personnel from vehicle threats.

Model B30 Crash Bollards


  • K8 rating
  • Operate as a set or independently
  • Fixed and removable options
  • Precision machined anti-friction surfaces
  • Field adjustable controls
  • High cycles
  • Long-term durability
  • Lost casing design
  • Crash rated

Optional Features

FeatureB30 Auto.B30 Semi.
Weather Resistant HPUStd
Limit SwitchStd
Loop DetectorStd
Master and Remote Control PanelOption
Bollard Strip HeaterOptionOption
Stand Alone Warning Gate ArmOption
Bollard Heat Trace CableOption
Battery Back-Up ControlsOption
Traffic Light with PoleOption
Safety IR BeamsOption
Manual OperationOptionStd