Model 890 Surface Mount Barrier

The Model 890 surface mount barrier is crafted to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering controlled or restricted areas. Made out of heavy-gauge steel, this barricade can stop a 4,000 lb vehicle at speeds of up to 30 mph, per the US Marshal’s Standard. Crashes like these will have absolutely zero penetration.

Suited for commercial properties like schools, parks, hotels, and apartments, the Model 890 surface mount barrier is ideal for facilities that require medium to high-level perimeter security.

With this crash barrier, there is no need for any type of excavation work on paved surfaces or existing roadways where it would be placed; it is bolted directly onto existing slabs of concrete or roadways. 

The Model 890 comes standard as an eight-foot-wide barrier, but the sizes are customizable and can be made to be up to fourteen feet wide depending on your needs. The barricade can be secured for long periods of time with the provided safety locks and comes with additional safety devices to enhance its performance.

Every unit comes standard with easy access to electrical, hydraulic, and drainage components. Additional options include:

  • Mounted traffic arm — mounted and stand-alone.
  • Remote control panel.
  • Traffic lights — mounted and stand-alone.
  • IR beams for additional safety.
  • Emergency fast operations.
  • Heat trace cable.

Protect your business the smart way with the best surface mount barrier available.

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  • Hydraulic and manual operation
  • Custom barrier designs available
  • Surface mount to suitable base
  • High duty cycle
  • Long-term durability
  • DC powered system available


Optional Features

Loop Detection SystemStd
Barrier Mounted Traffic ArmOption
Master and Remote Control PanelOption
Stand Alone Traffic ArmOption
Traffic Light Mounted on BarrierOption
Stand Alone Traffic Light with PoleOption
Safety IR BeamsOption
Emergency Fast OperationOption
Barrier Heat Trace CableOption