Model 820 Shallow Mount Barrier


The model 820 vehicle barrier is designed to contain a high-speed vehicle impact and prevent that vehicle from entering a restricted access control area.

Model 820 exceeds Department of State (DOS) specifications STD 02.01 with a K12/L3 rating and is capable of stopping a 15,000 lb. (6803.9 kg) vehicle traveling at speeds up to 50 mph (80.5 km/h) with zero penetration.

Installation of the crash barrier is simple with its shallow-mount design so there is no need for any major excavation work on existing roads or paved surfaces. Model 820 comes complete with all necessary accesses for drains, hydraulic conduits and electrical services to further ease the installation process.

Once constructed, the frame and top plate are finished with a superior rust inhibitor and anti-wear paint for superior corrosion protection.

Model 820 consists of a cast-in-place shallow foundation frame, raising plate with locking linkage and associated hardware to allow the plate to move from horizontal position to a raised, secure position with the aid of an actuator.

The barrier is moved to the up (or protective) position with a single, center mounted cylinder designed to push on a pivot arm acting in the reverse motion to the locking linkage. The cylinder is single acting to reduce wear on the hydraulic system. The HPU pushes the attack plate up and gravity pushes the attack plate to the lowered position.

Designed for facilities and environments requiring the highest level of perimeter protection, Model 820 is ideally suited for government and military establishments, embassies, and other critical infrastructures vital to our national security, economy, public health, and safety.


  • K12 rating

  • Hydraulic operation

  • Shallow mount design

  • Low maintenance

  • Superior corrosion protection

  • Long-term durability

  • Extreme vehicle weight capability

  • Emergency fast operation

  • Custom sizes available


Weather Resistant HPUStd
Down Limit SwitchStd
Emergency Fast OperationStd
Loop DetectorStd
Master and Remote Control PanelOption
Protective BellowsOption
Integral Flashing Light KitOption
Traffic Light with PoleOption
Safety IR BeamsOption
Barrier Heat Trace Cable/MatOption