Model 400 Cantilever Sliding Gate


As a proven imposing first line of defense for our nation’s critical infrastructures, B&B ARMR’s 400 Series crash gates present a formidable visual deterrent and maximum perimeter protection against unauthorized vehicles entering a high security facility. The strength and durability of the 400 Series makes them highly suitable for anti-terrorist protection and traffic control applications.

DOS-certified and crash-rated, B&B ARMR’s 400 Series gates are designed to immobilize a vehicular threat weighing as much as 15,000 lb. (6,804 kg) and moving at speeds of 30 mph (48 km/h). The cantilever design allows for simple installation without the need of ground track, overhead track or bottom guide wheels and has the capability to blend in with an existing fence line. All motorized versions of the 400 Series are operated by a hydraulic or electric rack and pinion drive and can be activated form a single set of dry contacts (card reader, push button, or vehicular detector).

The 400 Series electro-hydraulic sliding gates are designed with field-adjustable controls and control needs. Normal operating speed is 1.5 feet per second for a standard 12-foot (3.7 m) opening. Unique to the 400 Series is the anti-climb design to prevent scaling the gate, and can be customized with pickets to match surrounding fence lines.

Optional controls and accessory equipment for the 400 Series crash gates may be ordered to enhance the performance or operation of the gate including master control stations with override circuitry, remote control stations for local operation, vehicle detectors, traffic control signals, photoelectric beams and heaters.


  • K4 rating
  • Cantilever design
  • Hydraulic, electric, and manual operation
  • Custom gate sizes available
  • Customizable anti-climb pickets to match existing fence lines
  • Perfect for high visibility applications
  • Maximum perimeter protection

Optional Features

Hydraulic Drive SystemStd
Manual OperationStd
Electric Drive SystemStd
Safety IR BeamsStdStd
Master and Remote Control PanelOptionOption
Emergency Close OperationStdStd
Custom Anti-Climb PicketsOptionOptionOption
Traffic Light with PoleOptionOption
Integrated Warning LightsOptionOption
Integrated Warning AlarmOptionOption
Beam OnlyOptionOptionOption