LSB Rotary Limit Switch

NEMA 4 or 4X, multiple options and configurations, 4-32 cam sets

The Model LSB Rotary Limit Switch features a unique proprietary cam locking and adjustment mechanism (patent pending). Adjustment of the cams is unequaled in simplicity and accuracy. The LSB Rotary Limit Switch is designed for rugged durability and dependability under harsh conditions. Materials and manufacture are of the highest quality. Models are available with up to 24 or more individual circuits (6-circuit model is shown).

GENERAL: Rotary Limit Switch shall be Model LSB by B&B Roadway, (888) 560-2060, or an approved equal meeting all specifications defined herein.

CONSTRUCTION: Switch shall be a weather-sealed design. Cover shall be designed to positively retain a gasket. A drain plug and breather shall allow condensation to evaporate or drain from housing. Construction shall be heavy duty, durable and suitable for marine environment. All materials shall be non-corrosive, such as aluminum, bronze, stainless steel or non-metallic. Finish shall be painted aluminum or safety orange (shown), as specified.

SHAFT DESIGN: Shaft extension shall be right-handed, left-handed or dual, as specified. Standard switch design shall allow for simple, modular-type conversion between right and left hand in field, allowing removal of complete shaft assembly without detailed disassembly and re-assembly of components. Design shall also allow for simple field conversion to dual-shaft arrangement. Output shaft shall be bronze or other suitable corrosion-resistant material, ¾” [19mm] diameter, with standard square keyway 1.75″ [44mm] long. Shaft shall extend 2″ [51mm] beyond base surface [option: extension and key length as specified]. A suitable sprocket or gear shall be provided by the installer.

CAMS: Cams shall be individually adjustable and shall be firmly and immovably engaged to the shaft under operating conditions. Loosening of a single nut shall allow independent and individual adjustment of any individual cam or cam half. Adjustment of a cam shall not affect setting of other cams or cause movement of other cams. Re-tightening of the nut shall secure all cams to the shaft. Each cam shall consist of a pair of cam halves to permit independent setting of make and break points. Contract plans shall show approximate settings and appropriate cam halves shall be provided to achieve the settings required.

INDEX WHEEL: Rotary switch shall be equipped with at least one index wheel and a pointer. Index wheel shall be marked in degree, with individual increments as small as practical. Index label shall read 0-90 degrees [option: 0-180 or 0-360].

CIRCUIT SWITCHES: The number of circuits shall be as specified. Each circuit shall be controlled by an independent 2-part cam, which activates a SPDT switch. Individual switches shall be rated for 15A [option: 20A]. Switches shall have clearly labeled screw-type wire connections and corrosion-resistant contacts.

CONDUIT ENTRY: A 1″ conduit hub shall be provided for wire entry on switches having up to 16 circuits. A 1 ¼” conduit hub shall be provided on switches having more than 16 circuits. Conduit hub shall normally be installed opposite the shaft. Housing shall be pre-drilled to permit switching the hub to either side of the housing. Second opening shall be sealed with an o-ring and cover plate.

OPTIONAL GEAR REDUCER: A 4:1 gear reducer shall be supplied when specified. Contact factory for details.