LS Rotary Limit Switch

GENERAL: The limit switch shall be Model LS-8 [option: LS-4, LS-10 or LS-12], manufactured by B&B Roadway, (888) 560-2060.

APPLICATIONS: The limit switch shall commonly be used to control and synchronize electrical functions of warning gates or barriers and/or to provide position indication to remote devices.

HOUSING AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: Housing shall be of anodized aluminum. All other fabricated components shall be of corrosion resisting materials and/or finishes. Input to the switch shall be via a roller chain sprocket. Housing mounting shall allow switch position to be adjusted to fully tension chain. A removable cover shall prevent accidental contact with terminals.

OPERATION: Eight [option: four, ten or twelve] individual switches shall provide SPDT function (NO, NC, and Common contacts) on each. Contacts shall be rated for 15A, 480VAC. Each switch shall be controlled by an independent cam. Loosening of a single nut shall allow simple adjustment of one, two or more cams without disturbing remaining cam settings. Design shall allow easy adjustment with cam set rotated to any position.