L4 Arm Warning Light

Typical Use Notes: This light is typically used on warning gate arms or vertical barrier arms, spaced 4’ to 7’ apart. Often, the end light is wired to burn continuously and the remaining lights flash alternately (see separate specs for arm light flasher). Lights are normally controlled by the limit switch (see separate specification) to be off when the gate is open to traffic and on at all other times. 

GENERAL: The warning light shall be B&B Roadway, Model L4, (888) 560-2060.

APPLICATIONS: The warning light shall be used as a traffic signaling light to mark and draw attention to the warning gate or traffic barrier.

HOUSING AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: The housing shall be of high impact plastic. Assembly shall be double- faced. Light assembly shall be mounted to warning gate arm or barrier using an aluminum adapter plate.

LENSES: Lenses shall be red [option: amber] fresnel plastic, approximately 4” diameter.

LAMP AND RECEPTACLE: Lamp shall be 1.44A (18W), 12V, clear, with a double contact bayonet base. Candle power of lamp shall be 21cp. Lamp shall have a rated life of 1,000 hours. [option:120V, 15W, 9 candle power lamp; 12V 100,000 hour LED lamp; 120V 100,000 hour LED lamp]