HRB – Horizontal Resistance Barrier

The Horizontal Resistance Barrier (HRB) is a penetration resistance barrier system designed to capture and decelerate vehicles with minimal risk to the occupants.  Ideal for use on managed lanes and other roadway applications where protection from wrong-way traffic is required.  The HRB utilizes a payout system that has been crash tested and certified by an independent testing facility to meet Federal Highway Administration NCHRP 350 Level 3 standards for arresting and decelerating the vehicle to a safe stop. 


The HRB is an electro-mechanical horizontal swing gate system, equipped with a net panel capture system attached to a pair of mechanical payout brakes that are anchored to a jersey barrier structure.  The capture panel is mounted on carrier pins and is moved into position by the electro-mechanical drive system. The capture panel is held in a stable position by the carrier pins on each side of the roadway which releases the panel during a normal crash without damage to the carriers.  Operating time to open or close the roadway is approximately 15-25 seconds.