G12 Warning Gong

GENERAL: The warning gong shall be Model G-12, by B&B Roadway, (888) 560-2060, or an approved equal meeting all specifications defined herein.

APPLICATIONS: The warning gong shall be used as an audible traffic signaling device to draw attention to the warning gate or traffic barrier and, thereby, to the bridge status.

HOUSING AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: The housing shall be of heavy duty, cast aluminum construction. Gong assembly shall be equipped with an aluminum mounting adapter for mounting to the top of warning gate housing. Mounting shall be designed to enclose all wiring. A hinged and gasketed rear door shall provide service access. A cast aluminum guard above the shell shall provide weather protection.

SOUND LEVEL: Gong shall produce a sound level of 90db at 10 feet.

OPERATING VOLTAGE: Gong shall operate on 120V power. Current draw is .45 FLA.

GONG SHELL: Gong shell shall be pressed steel [option: spun silicon bronze].

Tamper Resistant stainless steel shell mounting stud.
Pole Slip Fitter: Mounts on top of poles ranging from 4″ O.D. to 5.5″ O.D.
Side Pole Mounting Bracket: Consult the factory for sizes and pricing.