12V Arm Light Flasher

GENERAL: The flasher shall be moisture and corrosion resistant and shall be capable of dissipating heat sufficient for continuous duty.

FLASH RATE: The flasher shall have two alternately flashing circuits, and one steady burn circuit. Each flashing circuit shall flash .50 seconds on and .50 seconds off.

INPUT VOLTAGE: Standard input voltage shall be 120VAC. The 120V/12V transformer shall provide 12V for the flasher and the arm lights. The flasher shall operate properly for input voltages within 10% of nominal.

OUTPUT VOLTAGE AND AMPERAGE: The output circuits shall be rated at 10 amps at 12VAC each (10 amps total load). A voltage drop of up to .5 volts to the output terminals shall be acceptable.

OVERLOAD PROTECTION: Built-in, internal overload protection with auto-reset (no fuse required).

TERMINALS: Terminals shall be clearly labeled and shall be compression type screw terminals.