C4 Arm Warning Light

GENERAL: The warning light shall be Model C4, manufactured by B&B Roadway, (888) 560-2060.

APPLICATIONS: The warning light shall be used as a traffic signaling light to mark and draw attention to the warning gate or traffic barrier.

HOUSING AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: The housing shall be of cast aluminum and shall have a base and upper housing. Upper housing shall be held in place by draw bolts for ease of service. A gasket shall provide a weather seal between the housing and base. Assembly shall be double-faced, with lenses held in place by screws. The upper housing shall form a sun visor for both directions of the light. Light assembly shall usually be mounted resting on the warning gate arm or barrier and secured using a bolt through a mounting tab cast into the base section.

LENSES: Lenses shall be red fresnel plastic, 4″ minimum diameter.

LAMP AND RECEPTACLE: Lamp shall be 120V, 17,000 hour, 68W rough service Krypton, traffic signal type. [Option: Lamp shall be 12V, 1.44 amp, 18W, 21 candle power clear, double contact bayonet base, with 1000 hour rating. Option: Lamp shall be 12V LED, 100,000 hour, double contact bayonet base, with individual LEDs arranged for 2-way light projection.]

OPTIONAL VANDAL RESISTANT FEATURE: When specified, a vandal resistant screw shall be added to secure the draw bolt and prevent unauthorized access to the assembly.