B5 Arm Warning Light

GENERAL: The warning light shall be Model B5, as provided by B&B Roadway, (888) 560-2060 or an approved equal meeting all specifications herein.

APPLICATIONS: The warning light shall be used as a traffic signaling light to mark and draw attention to the warning gate or traffic barrier.

HOUSING AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: The housing shall be of high impact plastic. Assembly shall provide 360 degree visibility to provide warning capability at all stages of rotation. Light assembly may use an aluminum junction box or be wired directly through the base into the gate arm or barrier beam, at the discretion of the manufacturer, depending upon the suitability of the construction style of the gate arm or barrier beam.

LENS: Lens shall be red fresnel plastic, approximately 4 ½” in diameter, and shall be of a slightly tapered cylindrical shape.

LAMP AND RECEPTACLE: Lamp shall be 1.44A, 12V, 18W, clear, with a double contact bayonet base. Candle power of lamp shall be 21 cp. Lamp shall have a rated life of 1000 hours. [option: Lamp shall be 120V, 15W, 9 candle power. Option: Lamp shall be 12V LED, double contact bayonet base, with individual LEDs arranged for 2-way light projection.]