Prisons/Correctional Facilities

Prisons, or Correctional Facilities, are some of the most secure facilities in the country.  However, they require physical security products at the time of their construction and during their life span to maintain proper working order.  The physical security products, from BBRSS, used in a prison or correctional facility have two-fold uses.  One to keep unauthorized visitors out and protect against vehicular intrusion.  On the other side, the need to keep guests inside the facility.

For prisons, the majority of physical security is used to protect perimeters and boundaries, particularly entry and exit points. The exterior of prisons tends to include fencing near the building and a tall, thick outer wall, however there are gaps that must be protected, and vulnerabilities eliminated.  The presence of physical obstacles and security can act as a good deterrent against inmates who are considering escape. The more barriers and obstacles that must be traversed the chances of inmate escapes decrease.  The outer walls also prevent contact from those approaching from the exterior of the prison area, acting as a high barrier. Prisons are typically well lit and architecturally open, reducing obscurity or grey areas that are hidden from sight. Physical obstacles such as bollards, wedge gates, and barriers installed in the security gaps will enhance the overall security position of the correctional facility.

The ultimate goal of prison/correctional facility physical security, designed by ARMR a division of BBRSS, is to protect inmates and guards while discouraging attempted escapes. BBRSS provides complete physical security prison solutions to protect numerous correctional facilities, from local to maximum security.  Call to today to find out more (800)367-0387.