Portable Barriers for the Government

Portable Barriers for the Government

Government Buildings and Facilities Require Flexible Physical Security Options!

If you have been to a government building or facility recently, you have seen the extreme level of security.  The amount of protection is enormous and seemingly, every possible scenario has been taken into consideration.  The interactions between security personnel and vehicles, employees, and visitors have become more protection oriented.  Physical threats have increased at a gradual pace and increase rapidly since 9/11. 

Situational awareness and rapid response are a large part of government security.  Physical security products are permanently deployed around the building or facility.  However, special circumstances arise, requiring a flexible physical security product that can be deployed quickly.  Portable barriers fit the bill.  Portable barriers or safety barriers, when tactically deployed, will protect all vehicles and people involved from accidents while adding a layer of often needed traffic control.  Restricting access while enhancing the aforementioned is optimal in accident and unauthorized entry.

Government physical security product experts, at BBRSS, deliver industry-leading products.  Products, such as portable barriers, allow for temporary protection when the situation requires.  Visibility is a must; thus, portable barricades are designed with many easily identifiable features.

Portable Barriers for Government, from BBRSS, are the Industry Standard in physical security products.  Call today to learn the many ways BBRSS portable barriers can improve Government. (800)367-0387

Types of Portable Barriers Available for Government

Portable barriers built by BBRSS are designed for deployment at a moment’s notice. What product corresponds to the needs required for temporary government building and facility protection?

Portable Barrier Function and Operation for Government Facilities

The transportation of portable barriers is easy and very flexible.  Portable barriers are perfect for temporary access control and as pedestrian and vehicle traffic control during public events.  For Government facilities, the safety of employees, visitors, and assets is of the utmost importance.  Our portable barriers are specifically designed for deployment at a moment’s notice, simple operation, and minimal maintenance.

See the full line of BBRSS Portable Barriers  (click here).

BBRSS, founded on integrity and honesty, is focused on the physical safety and threats experienced at government buildings and facilities.   Our team of industry-leading engineers designed our incredible Portable Barriers to be unmatched in quality and offer a solution for quick implementation.

Call BBRSS today or complete our secure online form.  For more information, please speak to one of our portable barrier experts. (800)367-0387


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