Portable Barriers for Retail Facilities

Portable Barriers for Retail Facilities

Never before have retail facilities had the options for physical security products as they do today from BBRSS.  The ability to protect a retail facility at a moment’s notice is immeasurable.  The security and safety of employees and customers is paramount, and deploying portable barriers adds a significant layer of protection. There are areas of a retail facility that require higher levels of security.  However, there are times that traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, needs to be controlled temporarily, and permanent physical security products do not make sense.  Portable Barriers for Retail Facilities from BBRSS are the Industry Standard.   Call for yours today (800) 367-0387.

Portable Barrier Types Available for Retail Facilities

As mentioned, portable barriers manufactured by BBRSS are the industry standard and are easily and quickly deployable.  What type fits your needs? 

Portable Barrier Function and Operation for Retail Facilities

Portable barriers are transportable and have the flexibility to be placed deliberately for temporary circumstances as required.  Portable barriers are ideal for practical use as line control during big sales and Black Friday events, traffic control for outdoor sales, and during further product deliveries.  For retail facilities, the safety of employees and customers is a priority.  Our portable barriers have been designed for rapid deployment, simple operation, and minimal maintenance.

See the full line of BBRSS Portable Barriers click here.

BBRSS was founded on integrity and trustworthiness and has focused its experience and dedication on addressing the physical safety and threats on retail facilities.   Our team of industry-leading engineers designed our incredible Portable Barriers to be unparalleled and provide a reasonable solution for quick deployment. 

Call BBRSS today or complete our easy online form.  One of our experienced portable barrier experts will reach back out to you to help with any questions you may have and provide valuable information. (800) 367-0387.


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