Portable Barriers for Pedestrian Protection

Portable Barriers for Pedestrian Protection

Pedestrian Protection has Never Been More Important!

The interactions between pedestrians and cars and trucks has increased exponentially.  The inception of the first practical gasoline-powered automobile, in 1885, by several German inventors began the pedestrian and vehicle interaction.  As the population has grown along with the number of vehicles on the road, the number of accidents has simultaneously increased.

Understanding pedestrian risk, in high traffic areas and other situations, has never been more critical than it is now. It is imperative for security teams, property owners, and others responsible for safety to put in place the necessary physical security products needed for pedestrian protection, including safety barriers.

Physical security products, strategically installed, will not only protect pedestrians from accidents with motorized vehicles, but it will also add a level of traffic control. Proper pedestrian traffic control maintains the flow and decreases the potential for accidents.

The pedestrian protection experts, at BBRSS, offer industry-leading physical security products.  Products, such as portable barriers, allow for temporary protection from accidents and traffic control.  A permanent physical security option is better matched for areas of pedestrian traffic that require a higher level of security.  Portable barricades need to be highly visible for large crowds, especially for crowd control and pedestrian safety.

However, special events and other situations require pedestrian protection and traffic control options. These special situations are ideally suited for the unsurpassed high-quality portable barriers from BBRSS.

Portable Barriers for Pedestrian Protection, from BBRSS, are the Industry Standard in physical security products.  Call today to learn the many ways BBRSS portable barriers can improve pedestrian protection. (800)367-0387

Types of Portable Barriers Available for Pedestrian Protection

Portable barriers built by BBRSS are the industry standard in physical security products and deployed at a moment’s notice. What product corresponds to the needs required to protect pedestrians?

Portable Barrier Function and Operation for Pedestrian Protection

Portable barriers are easily transportable and possess the flexibility needed for temporary circumstances. Portable barriers are perfect for practical use as pedestrian line control during parades, public events, etc. For Pedestrian Protection, the safety of the pedestrian and maintaining a safe separation from vehicles is essential. Our portable barriers are specifically designed for deployment at a moment’s notice, simple operation, and minimal maintenance.

See the full line of BBRSS Portable Barriers (click here).

BBRSS, founded on integrity and honesty, is focused on the physical safety and threats experienced by pedestrians.   Our team of industry-leading engineers designed our incredible Portable Barriers to be unsurpassed in quality and provide a solution for quick deployment.

Call BBRSS today or complete our secure online form. One of our experienced pedestrian protection portable barrier experts will reach back out to you to help with any questions you may have while providing valuable information. (800)367-0387


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