Physical Security Threats – Mitigation Tips

Physical Security Threats – Mitigation Tips

Increasing a facility’s ability to protect against threats is a task that should not be taken lightly, and understanding the supplemental security measures available can do just that.  Threats are internal and external and addressing them requires different types of security measures.  Most facilities understand that securing main doors and access control are essential, but these are points of last resort.  Stopping threats before they make it to this point is much more proactive and mitigating steps that should be considered.

Supplemental security measures can be taken that will diffuse a situation early, reducing the impact and potential damage of an actual threat emergency.  The central idea is to secure perimeter entrances and install devices that warn security when secondary entry points have been compromised.  This simple addition can increase your ability to protect your facility against threats in retail locations, distribution centers (DCs), corporate campuses, etc.  The act of taking a 35,000-foot view of your safety protocols will allow for the examination of threat possibilities and prevent materialization.

The BBRSS physical security experts focus on physical security measure installation and activation.  There are other cutting-edge technological security measures your facility can employ, and BBRSS can direct your team in the right direction.  BBRSS physical security products include bollards, wedges, gates, etc. for security and perimeter level defenses.

What is the safest, fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective method of locking down a facility?

When a lockdown situation arises, time is not a luxury.  One way to activate a lockdown procedure without the need for security personnel to locate the required keys would be a series of locking devices and physical security equipment activation that can be engaged with one or more control switches.  The use of control switches is termed “Electric Dogging.” Electric dogging also allows for scheduled secure modes during preselected times, locking the doors to entry while allowing individuals leaving to exit.

Other Mitigation Suggestions:

  • Installation of Bollards near entry doors to protect property, customers, employees, and pedestrians from motorized vehicles.
  • Wedges for entry point protection
  • Crash Gates for traffic access control

The BBRSS team can assist the update and maintenance of all facility physical security measures to make sure your facility has maximum protection.

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