Physical Security Checklist

One of our goals at BBRSS is to make sure our customers are prepared for every possible physical perimeter security situation.  Every situation from a car bomb and runaway truck to traffic control and pedestrian protection. As part of that, we have put together a short checklist for you to look over and make sure you have at least the basics covered as your industry requires.  Remember every industry is different and your required level of physical security is dictated by the industry and your unique situation.

BBRSS Physical Security Checklist

  • Physical layout of the buildings and subsequent perimeters:
    1. Does the property topography provide security or reduce the means of attack or access?
    2. Does the landscaping offer locations to hide or means of access to roof tops or other access points?
    3. How many points of entry are there to the building?
    4. Are those entrances monitored?
    5. Do all persons entering and exiting the building go through a security check point?
  • Lighting:
    1. Is there sufficient lighting to allow guards, employees, or others to see places of possible concealment or access?
    2. Are access points obscured by low light?
  • Physical barriers:
    1. Fences, bollards, tire strips, gates:
      1. Are fences tall enough to reduce unauthorized access to the property?
      2. Is the fence checked regularly by staff for holes, damage or access points.
      3. Are bollards in place to prevent damage to buildings or access points by vehicles?
  1. Are tire strips installed and able to be used to prevent unauthorized entry to sensitive areas around the property?
  2. Are gates, including crash gates, operating as designed and moving without issue?
  1. Parking lots, loading docks, pick up areas.
    1. Are gates secure and operating properly?
    2. Is entry to the premises protected by gates or is vehicular traffic allowed to move freely on and off the property?
    3. Are gates operating mechanically sound?

Please review this checklist regularly and investigate further as needed.  BBRSS can provide service and further information as necessary.

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