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Bollards Phoenix

Phoenix is home to many buildings and popular structures, especially multiple baseball stadiums for Spring Training and the MLB Rookie League, which require specific physical protections.  Bollards are perfect for these situations.  Bollards can be found in most places if examined close enough.  Some are designed to blend in and others to be very visible.  All is dependent upon their specific designed situation.  The most vulnerable areas, for most facilities, are entry and exit points, which usually require vehicle resistant bollards with high crash ratings. Whereas, others involve traffic control and pedestrian protection.   Bollards Phoenix.  An industry trend in physical security plans, bollards are increasingly becoming an integral part of every plan.  

What are Bollards? Bollards, which are made of structural grade steel-pipe with concrete reinforcement, are specifically designed for either for high speed or low speed vehicular impacts.  Their designation is dependent upon designated functions within the physical security plan.  If bollards are to be located at vulnerable points, high speed bollards are highly recommended, while parking garages and pedestrian areas require low speed bollards for protection. In Phoenix, both types are required in most cases for proper physical security protection.  Vulnerable areas, where vehicle intrusions are highly possible, along with terrorist activity, are required to install high speed bollards. 

Phoenix Bollards – Design and Installation

For Phoenix bollard design and installation, several important questions and facts should be considered including traffic management, pedestrian zones and delineation, safety and security, or asset protection. 

  • What is the main function of the bollards being installed?
  • Is there a budget?
  • What materials work best for the Phoenix climate and intended function?
  • Do the bollards require any of the following: to be removable, retractable, or permanent landscape fixtures?
  • Are the bollards being installed at entry and vulnerable points where if struck by a vehicle, should they bend, shatter, cause damage, or stop the vehicle?
  • How will your bollards blend in with the landscape or architecture?

All these considerations are very important to the design and installation for your Phoenix building.

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BBRSS is the industry leading designer and installation expert of bollards, in Phoenix, for every possible scenario.  Whether you low-speed, high-speed, fixed, removable, or operable bollards, are needed BBRSS has the products and the experts to ensure the bollards work and comply with your physical security plan.  Contact BBRSS today at (800)367-0387 or fill out our quick and easy contact form.  Protect your building, facility, or public location with high quality bollards from the Phoenix experts!

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