Philadelphia Crash Gates

Crash Gates Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known as the city of Brotherly Love, but also is home to a wide array of business in industries across the spectrum. High volume and essential infrastructure are possible targets for individuals with wicked intentions.  The continuous threat of terrorist attacks and other forms of violence and crime is very real. It appears that hardly a week goes by without news of another deadly event happening somewhere in the world.  From banks to airports and warehouses to government facilities, BBRSS’s high security crash rated gates stop vehicles and pedestrians from illegal entry into restricted areas.  BBRSS’s high security crash gates are specifically designed to stop all threats and provide maximum impact protection. (800)367-0387

Philadelphia Crash Gate Design and Installation

BBRSS designs, installs, and maintains a complete line of crash rated gates, for Philadelphia area facilities with special security requirements.  Crash Gates Philadelphia. Some crash gate models function without ground contact, which a choice of manual operation or with a rack and pinion drive across V-groove wheel ground tracks. Swing crash gates are also an option.  Crash Gates come with the option to be powered hydraulically or electro-mechanical. 

Anti-Ram Design – Crash Rating Excellence

BBRSS’s most popular crash gates are rated to endure impacts with a vehicle weighing 15,000 lb. at a speed of 50 MPH, without experiencing significant damage.  Thanks to our experienced engineers, we have also accomplished appealing design and aesthetics, while maintaining an astonishing crash rating.  We can match a crash gate to the environment, of your Philadelphia facility, ensuring not to detract from the appeal and aesthetics. As terrorists and criminals continue to improve their methods, facility security must make the changes necessary to ensure security products are maintained and serviced regular, while preparing to upgrade before major malfunctions.

BBRSS Crash Gates, find one that works for your security need

Entry and exit points of restricted access areas are extremely vulnerable, hence the need for crash gates.  Philadelphia crash gates are essential to successful perimeter security and coupled with other BBRSS products will greatly improve the overall security of your Philadelphia facility.  BBRSS has physical security products for every physical security scenario.   Our expert team can provide the information you need to improve the security of Philadelphia buildings, structures, complexes, facilities, airports, arenas, etc.  (800)367-0387

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