The petroleum and chemical industries are considered a strategic asset to the United States and should be guarded as such.  BBRSS is the leading provider of physical security products through our ARMR division. Why is the petroleum and chemical industry an ideal target for terrorists and other persons looking to do harm?

  • The physical and chemical properties of the products handled at petroleum sites.
  • The importance of petroleum to the national economy
  • The importance of petroleum to national security
  • The symbolism of the industry as a cornerstone of capitalism and western culture.

Reducing the vulnerability of these facilities is extremely important.  Vulnerability is any weakness that can be exploited by an adversary to gain unauthorized access and subsequent destruction or theft of an asset. Vulnerabilities can result from weaknesses in the current physical security plan and product implementation. It is important to prevent unauthorized access, theft or damage to petroleum and chemical products, systems, and assets.  Petroleum and Chemical products should be housed in secure facilities, protected by a specifically defined security perimeter. The nature of this perimeter should be appropriate to the identified risks and value of the business assets. Protection should be extended to supporting facilities such as electrical supply and cabling infrastructure.  Neglect of these facilities could result in dangerous conditions including a fire.

  • Physical security measures applicable to access control (Fencing/barriers, locks, lighting, intrusion detection, etc.).
  • Physical barriers that prevent vehicles from being used as weapons.

A countermeasures strategy that is intended to provide various barriers to slow the progress of an adversary in penetrating a site to prevent an attack or theft, or in leaving a restricted area to assist in apprehension and prevention of theft.

Is your Petroleum/Chemical facility prepared for the possibility of an intrusion?

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