Nuclear Power and the Need for Physical Security

Nuclear Power and the Need for Physical Security

Nuclear Power Physical Security, How Critical is It?

Nuclear power, the very name demands increased and heightened physical security.  Did you know the nuclear energy industry is one of a few industries with federal regulations and requirements around physical security? The physical security of a nuclear power plant is held to the highest standards of any industry by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  The security plan and protocols are extremely robust making nuclear power plants almost impenetrable. Employing a lethal combination of highly trained security personnel, electronic surveillance, and high rated physical security products, is the core of nuclear power physical security.

Why is this high level of security important?

Nuclear power is the production of electricity through the process of harnessing the energy produced by atomic collisions. Basically, the heat generated by these collisions is used to heat water, generating steam to turn turbines that generate electricity.  The protection of the electrical portion of the plant is important but the nuclear side is the reason for extreme levels of protection. Nuclear plant security measures are designed to protect three primary areas of vulnerability: controls on the nuclear chain reaction, cooling systems that prevent hot nuclear fuel from melting even after the chain reaction has stopped, and storage facilities for highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel.

Vehicular perimeter breaches, if allowed access and a physical incident occurs, could result in a cataclysmic chain reaction. Nuclear power plants have vital operational assets, that if damaged could result in core meltdown. The operational specifics of each asset are strictly confidential.  A damaged nuclear facility could become an environmental hazard quickly.

Concentric circle based physical security is normal security operation protocol. Each circle increases in security level as it nears the reactor. After 9/11, the NRC increased the requirements for plant security.  BBRSS is well aware of the requirements and can assist in providing the necessary products ensuring compliance.  Contact BBRSS today for assistance.

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