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Facility Protection New York

A vast city the size of New York is a prime target for terrorist attacks, unfortunately have occurred more than once.  9/11 changed the fabric of the United States and the security concerns and focus of building security.  In times gone by, theft and criminal activity were the primary concern, but the protection level needed to be raised and protection became a bigger priority.  Vehicles have become a prevalent means to cause harm or begin the intrusion incident for a high-level theft operation.  Ram-raids by criminals are growing in popularity.  To counter this rise in threats and potential risks, to New York properties, security departments upgraded their physical security.  New York businesses, building owners, and building security managers have turned to BBRSS for their physical security products and expertise to increase their facility protection.  You can too! (800)367-0387

What is Physical Security?

Physical security is described as strategically designed and implemented security measures to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm.  Harm from dangers and criminal activities, such as terrorist attacks, theft, and espionage. 

What is New York Facility Protection?

Facility protection, for New York, is the all-encompassing plan including physical security to enact and maintain the protection of a facility, building, or structure.  Facility protection is intricate, detailed, and unique to the building, facility, structure, park, arena, stadium, etc. it is designed to protect.  New York adds an additional layer of security considerations that set it apart from other metropolitan areas.

Facility Protection Considerations

When designing and implementing a facility protection plan, understanding threat vectors, vulnerabilities, and mitigation plans lays a solid foundation.  From the outset, a building can be designed for security by such means as planning and limiting the number and location of entrances and by careful attention to exits, traffic patterns, and loading docks.

  • Intelligence: Understand and identify the threats to the area, building, and people in it.
  • People and Training: Guards and officers serve as the frontline and training in security protocols as well as identifying suspicious behavior is extremely important. Training should include the operation of specific physical security products installed.
  • Processes and Protocols: When new threats emerge, processes and protocols must be tailored to ensure security layers are properly deployed throughout a venue.
  • Technology: New technologies can provide threat prevention beyond the capabilities of guards to significantly improve security operations.
  • Products: Security products need to be chosen for a specific function. Products such as bollards, crash gates, and multiple types of barriers are designed to prevent access by unauthorized individuals, while protecting personnel, visitors, and assets.

Once the above considerations have been examined, the New York Facility Protection process is simple.  Examine your plan. Consider Scenarios.  Consult with BBRSS experts to determine the best product for the function determined. Install.  Maintain and Service as Needed.  The facility protection for your New York facility is not something to be taken lightly.  Improve your physical security plan today with products from BBRSS designed for protection, quality installation, and industry best and leading service and support.

To get started, contact BBRSS at (800)367-0387 or complete our easy contact form.

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